an eight week, once a week, introductory course that will teach:

  1. The basics of reading guitar music.
  2. How to hold the guitar correctly and pick with thumb and three fingers.

  3. How to play simple solos and chords, including two part playing.

  4. How to tune the strings correctly.

  5. Preparation for more advanced technique and fret board harmony.

Classical Guitar Course

Tuition is available in groups and individually. For groups that are associated with an institution such as schools and residential communities, Brian will gladly travel to the location. All ages and skills can be accommodated.


Teaching method is based on Trinity College of London syllabus from standard 1 through to standard 8 for classical guitar. Each standard has a highly varied repertoire encompassing early Renaissance, Baroque through to Modern and Avante Garde music. Theory of music, harmony, scales, chords and arpeggios are taught relevant to the grade standard of the student. For those wanting to test themselves, Trinity College holds annual exams and performances for all standards.

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